Lakeside Cabins in Northern Ontario Canada
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Chapleau, Ontario   P0M 1K0

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What it Costs

Our package runs from Saturday to Saturday. In 2019 our first week will start on May 18th and our last week starts on September 7th.

Our rate for a party of 2 or more persons is 525.00 Canadian Dollars per person. Considerably less in U.S. Dollars.

Included with the cabin are a boat and 6-hp motor for each two persons in your party and unlimited fuel. An 8-hp motor in place of the standard 6-hp is available for $150.00 Canadian per boat. Groups with an odd number of persons receive a longer boat with an 8-hp motor without additional charge for the three who fish from one boat. This is for 7 Nights, Saturday to Saturday.

13% Sales Tax is additional.

We will always apply the correct conversion rate of the day when we receive U.S. currency from you. Please remember that the conversion rate fluctuates a little from day to day.

Check the conversion rate here

Cabins No. 1, 2 and 5 sleep up to four.

Cabin No. 4 sleeps up to three.

Cabins No. 6 sleeps up to six.

Cabins No. 3 and 7 sleep up to eight.

Cabin No. 8 sleeps up to twelve.

Important Things at a Glance

In 2018 our first week starts on May 19th and our last week starts on September 8th.

Good fishing for walleye, northern pike and jumbo perch.

Boats and motors (one for each two persons) and all the gasoline are included with the cabin.

Indoor toilet, air conditioning, satellite TV, hot running water (good well water) and a complete kitchen. Bedding is supplied. You will be right by the lake and surrounded by trees. It is quiet, peaceful and private. There is a propane BBQ at your cabin door.

Only 10 minutes from the village by boat. Seclusion, yet easy access to supplies.

Free unlimited long distance calling including to the USA right from the camp's library room.

Canoes are also provided, for exploring and fishing some of the connecting lakes and streams.

How to Make Your Reservation

First, please call us at 1-800-426-2550 or e-mail us at

Next, make your deposit. Please make your deposit by check or by credit card. Send $100.00 per person but a minimum of $400.00. Make the check payable to Our receipt for your deposit will show what your American check yielded in Canadian Dollars.

For the balance when you have arrived here we accept the following payment methods:

If you pay us with American cash when you have arrived here we will apply the correct rate of exchange to your bill. If you pay by credit card your card issuer will take care of this.

How to Get Here by Car

If you live in Michigan, Ohio or Indiana we are straight north of you. Coming from there you will drive north on Interstate Highway I-75 to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and there cross the bridge into Canada. From the Canadian side of Sault Ste. Marie it is only 190 miles to Chapleau, about three and a half hours' drive.

There are two options. You can take Highway 17 North to Wawa and then Highway 101 East to Chapleau. You can also come by way of Highway 17 East to Thessalon and then Highway 129 to Chapleau. These are all good paved roads.

We do not recommend Highway 556 from Sault Ste. Marie past Ranger Lake to Highway 129. It is a gravel road, can be quite rough and will cost you much time and maybe the price of a new muffler. The other roads that we recommend are excellent and all paved.

Once you are in Chapleau, you can easily find our boat house. You will come over a high overpass to reach the main part of town. Turn left as soon as you have crossed this overpass, onto Pine Street. Drive along Pine Street for three blocks to Aberdeen Street and turn left again. We are at the north end of Aberdeen Street. The building has green and brown shingles on the walls and a metal roof.

Crossing the Border

Adults need either a passport or a passport card or an enhanced driver's license. You will need one of these mainly to get back into the U.S.A., to satisfy the U.S. border guards.

Children under 16 may present their original birth certificate or a certified copy.

You can get the passport application at your post office. It takes only about 3 weeks to obtain a passport. You can find more info about this subject on our website at

Each person can bring into Canada duty-free 2 weeks worth of groceries.

Each person can bring into Canada either one 40 fluid ounce bottle of liquor or 24 cans of beer or 2 bottles of wine. Each person can also bring in all of these tobacco products: 200 cigarettes + 50 cigars + 7 ounces of tobacco + 200 tobacco sticks.

Checking In and Out

Our boat house, office and parking lot are at the north end of Aberdeen Street right on the Chapleau Lake. The cabins are reached by boat in about 10 minutes.

Check-in time is from 8:00 a.m. onward on Saturday.

Check-out time is 9:00 a.m. on the following Saturday.

When you arrive at our base in Chapleau we will help you to move your baggage to your cabin with our work boat. You will follow with your fishing boat, a 10 minute ride. You can reach your car by boat in 10 minutes if you wish to get supplies during the week.

At the end of your stay we expect you to bring your baggage from your cabin back to your car yourselves. If you have a physical disability, we will of course be glad to help you. Simply tell us that you need help, on the evening before your departure.

What You Should Bring

*A life jacket for every person in your group (required by law)
* A watertight flashlight for each boat (required by law)
* Kitchen size trash bags. Large bags are too heavy for us to transport off the island
* First aid kit, boat cushions, sunscreen and broad-brimmed hat to avoid sunburn
* Food. We suggest that you buy it at home. You can get more here if you run short
* Coffee Filters (any type will do)
* Fishing gear including landing net and tape measure
* Bath soap, towels, face cloths, toilet tissue
* Dish soap, dish towels, dish cloth and scrub pads

What we Supply Besides the Cabin

A boat for each two persons complete with swivel seats, 6 horse outboard motor and unlimited gasoline are included with your cabin as one package.

Wireless internet access and long distance telephone calling to the USA is free of charge.

Canoes are available free of charge.

The cabins have inside toilets, running hot and cold water (from a well), electric heat, air conditioning, satellite TV and DVD player. There are two central shower houses. Bedding is supplied.

The cabin has a large refrigerator with a freezer compartment. The full size glass-top electric range has four burners and oven. Also supplied are microwave oven, coffee maker, toaster and all pots, pans, dishes and silverware. A propane gas grill is outside the door. Living rooms have a lovely view of the lake. To clean fish, we have a screened fish house, equipped with running water, waste disposal unit and light.

Location of the Cabins

The cabins are right by the lake. To reach us, you will drive into Chapleau and park at our boat docks. From there, the cabins are reached by a 10 minute boat ride. If during your stay you need to buy supplies, you can easily take your fishing boat to Chapleau and tie up at our boat docks. There is a supermarket, bait, beer and liquor store all close to our boat docks.

About the Fishing

There are 12 miles of lakes that you can fish and explore. But it is not big water and you can always find sheltered water even on a windy day.

Fishing is very good for walleyes, jumbo perch and northern pike. For walleyes and perch night crawlers usually work well. If you plan to bring night crawlers across the border into Canada, make sure that they are packed in artificial bedding. But I suggest that for walleyes you also bring jigs, white twister tails and black and gold floating Rapalas, size 9. Please have a look at our website for more details about fishing methods.

You can carry several rods in the boat but each fishermen can have only one line in the water. A fishing line must not have more than 4 hooks attached. A hook can be a single-pointed or a multiple-pointed hook that is part of a lure.

There is no week or month that is consistently better or worse than the others. I suggest that you simply pick a time when you can best get away. You will usually improve your results by fishing early and late in the day. The days are very long here in the north, so take your rest in the middle of the day. One thing is certain, you will always catch enough to eat fish every day.

For walleyes bring some white jigs (quarter oz.) and white twister tails (single tail 4 inch over all length). Bring also some No. 11 floating Rapalas. The ones with the black back and golden sides work best in our waters. Walleyes will also bite on night crawlers.

Pike will bite on anything in your tackle box. For yellow perch still-fish with a crawler and a bobber. I will point out some good perch spots close to your cabin when you are here.

Fishing Regulations

Each visitor from the United States can take home across the border the limits stated below.

From the third Saturday of May till April 14th of the following year. The possession limit is 4 with a normal licence, 2 with a conservation licence. Only 1 may be larger than 18 inches (46 cm). There is no minimum size.

Northern Pike:
Open all year. With a normal licence, the possession limit is 6 pike. Only 2 of the 6 may be longer than 61 cm (24 inches). Of those 2, only 1 may be longer than 86 cm (34 inches). If you have a conservation licence, the possession limit is 2 pike. One of these may be between 61 cm and 86 cm (24 inches and 34 inches). The other must be no longer than 61 cm (24 inches).

Open all year. 50 with a normal license, 25 with a conservation license.

Open all year. 25 in one day, 12 with a conservation licence.

Smallmouth Bass:
Open all year. The possession limit is 6 with a normal licence, 2 with a conservation licence. No size limit.

Each visitor from the United States can take home across the border the limits stated above.

Non-Resident Fishing Licences. Cost and Where to Buy

Please be sure to buy your fishing licences before you reach Chapleau. No one in Chapleau will issue licences on a Saturday or Sunday.

You can also buy your fishing licence online at this link

A complete and valid licence to fish consists of an Outdoors Card accompanied by a valid licence tag. This applies to Canadian and to U.S. Citizens.

Eight Day Tag 54.67 Canadian Dollars

Eight Day Conservation Tag 31.10 Canadian Dollars (smaller limits)

Annual 83.27 Tag Canadian Dollars

Annual Conservation Tag 52.78 Canadian Dollars (smaller limits)

Outdoors card 9.68 Canadian Dollars

Please be sure to buy your outdoor card and fishing licences tag before you reach Chapleau. No one in Chapleau will issue licences on a Saturday or Sunday.

You can buy an outdoors card or your licence tag immediately online and print it on your own printer. You must have a printer attached to your computer (either black and white or in color). Here is the link to that site:

A complete and valid licence to fish consists of an outdoors card accompanied by a valid licence tag. This applies to Canadian and to U.S. Citizens.

The Outdoors Card is a plastic, wallet-size card, valid for three calendar years. It is issued to anglers and hunters for identification and administration purposes.

The fishing licence tag is carried either as a document separate from the outdoors card or printed on the back of the card. You may choose one of the options described on this page to obtain your first outdoors card and fishing licence tag.

Buying online before you leave home

You can buy an outdoors card or your licence tag immediately online and print it on your own printer. You must have a printer attached to your computer (either black and white or in color).

You will be instructed to print your temporary outdoors card. A wallet size plastic outdoors card valid for three years will be mailed to you later.

You will also be instructed to print your licence tag and you will have to carry it with you while fishing. The licence tag that you will print is the only one you will receive.

If you do not want to buy your fishing licence online we suggest that you buy it along the road before you reach Chapleau. Here are some convenient places.

Traveling north out of Sault Ste. Marie towards Wawa and then east on Hwy. 101

The Ontario Information and Welcome Center which faces you directly after you leave the Canadian Customs checkpoint.

The Agawa Indian Crafts on Highway 17 North, 46 miles north of Sault Ste. Marie. It is well marked with highway signs. You can get refreshments there as well.

In Wawa at Young's General Store. Young's General Store is on the right side of the road as you enter Wawa. There is a gas station and a stuffed moose standing outside the door.

Traveling east out of Sault Ste. Marie towards Thessalon and then north on Hwy. 129

The Ontario Information and Welcome Center which faces you directly after you leave the Canadian Customs checkpoint.

HiWay Variety Bait & Tackle. Fishing Licences.
883 Trunk Road
Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 3T3, Canada
Phone: (705) 946-3737

Tunnel Lake Trading Post and Motel. At Thessalon turn north onto Hwy. 129. On the right side, 25 miles (40 km) from the start of Hwy. 129. Open 7 days a week, 6:30 am till 10:00 pm. Fishing Licences, Gas, Diesel, Propane, Live Bait, Liquor, Beer, Groceries. Click here for directions.

The office of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) in Chapleau also issues fishing licences, but only from Monday through Friday and just during government business hours.

If you or a friend have a computer or a mobile-phone, please take a look at our website. The website contains more information and many photographs of the cabins, the fish, the lakes and the wildlife.

The website is or you can also use www.canadianfishing. Either of these web addresses will take you there.

Our toll free number 1-800-426-2550 rings Hugh's cell phone. You are welcome to call if you have questions. You can also dial 1-705-465-1878.

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